The ICHS Museum artifact collection contains an array of historic objects dating back to the last Ice Age. Our catalog contains thousands of items, of which only a small percentage can be on display at any given time. 


Prehistoric artifacts include an Ice Age tree trunk, and an impressive collection of Colombian Mammoth remains.


Native Peoples artifacts include a large basket collection, stone and wood implements, and eight cedar dugout canoes.  


Items related to Island County settlers make up the bulk of our collection. Furniture, clothing, signage, tools of various industries, personal and professional affects, and the first car on Whidbey Island represent residents of Island County from the early 1850's to the present. 

We feature a collection of military items and records related to the history of service of local residents.




The mission of the Island County Historical Society (ICHS) Museum it to Collect, Preserve and Interpret Island County history.  All objects not meeting these criteria (i.e., not part of Island County history) might not be accepted from donors, may be kept for exhibit props only, or as determined by the museum management for interpretive purposes. We are always grateful for your generosity.





Please read the basic guidelines below.  Please call us or email any questions.


We greatly appreciate your consideration of the ICHS Museum as the recipient of your object.  It is through generous donations such as yours that gives our museum the opportunity to grow and flourish and to preserve Island County history for many generations into the future.


We try very hard to maintain our mission to focus specifically on Island County history.  We consider any objects that are related to the residents of the island as well as any object that relates to the Island history and its environs, including prehistory.  If your object does not fit our accession criteria, we may still be interested, as it may have some historical value that somehow impacted our region or the greater world and therefore Island County.  If we choose not to accept a particular item or collection, please know that we are always most grateful for your generous offer, and if we have thoughts on where your item(s) might be more appropriately placed, we will be happy to share that information with you.


Please be aware that although we are constantly in pursuit of more space, our collections storage is very limited.  We may not have the space or ability to properly care for some items.  This potentially includes duplicates of items we already have in our collection.


Once an item has been gifted to the museum via a simple Deed of Gift, the museum then assumes legal ownership of that object and it may be used at the discretion of management.  Once possession of your object is taken, we pledge to take the best care of your object and the memories associated with that particular object.

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