Your donation goes a long way to helping support local history, keeping memories alive and learning thrive.


Our archives and collections are run almost entirely by volunteers.  It is a labor of love but also essential in saving a community's history.  The photographs, documents and artifacts we save and restore help us understand our history, contextualize our place in the world and give life to our memories.  These volunteers put in many hours in ongoing efforts to make as much of our collection accessible to the public, helping to create exhibits, and accessioning incoming donations.


However, caring for and managing these historic items properly comes with expenses.  Proper shelving/storage, archival materials, computer technology - all required continued funding.  Your donation helps us continue to properly care for our history.


Your donation also help support our very special educational outreach program.  We host workshops, talks, tours and other special events throughout the year which often require funding (via advertising/marketing, supplies, equipment) to make these programs effective and memorable.


At the very basic level, your donation helps us maintain our beautiful facility to ensure its accessibility to the public.  General maintenance, equipment and operating of our rather relatively large building is essential in continuing to provide historic preservation and education to Island County.


2) Pathway of History

Stop by the Museum or order your Pathway of History brick RIGHT HERE



There are two ways:


1) Traditional Donation

​Thank you for your generosity! Your donation of any amount helps do great things for the community. We have a paypal account set up to accept your donation. Please click on the button below. 


Our Pathway of History is a red brick path leading to the entrance of our museum. Purchasing a brick for our path gives you the opportunity to leave your imprint and show your support of our museum in a unique and charitable way.

Join the likes of Danny Devito, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner (who each donated a brick during their stay while filming the movie War of the Roses in the late 80's), as well as your local Island County friends and neighbors who are helping pave our path to success.

Our specially engraved bricks are the perfect GIFT to honor and award an achievement, new member of the family, market your business's, or to celebrate a life or cherished memory.  


                                                         One line - up to 20 letters/spaces = $65

                                                         Two lines - up to 40 letters/spaces = $85

                                                         Three lines - up to 60 letters/spaces = $100


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For a copy of any images, contact ICHS Janet Enzmann Archives.
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